Backyard Soccer Cheats & Codes

Play As Mr. Clanky

Win the Astonishingly Shiny Cup Of All Cups. Then hold [Shift] and click on Mr. Clanky. Go to the pick up window to play as him.

All Levels Won

Kick the ball out of bounds, then press [Shift] + [Tab] + [Enter].

Backyard Soccer Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

The Best Team

Below is the best team you can get. It also shows what position they would be best at.
1. Kenny K. (dude in wheelchair - forward)
2. Ashley Webber (defense)
3. Sidney Webber (defense)
4. Stepanie Morgan (goalie)
5. Vicki Kowaguchi (forward sub)
6. Angela Delvecchio (forward)
7. Annie Frazier (Middle)
8. Sally Dobbs (middle sub and forward sub)
This is in the 2-1-2 form. Use Defense 2 on this arrows with middle and forward, triangles on defense) I did this and I have won every game.

Get Pizza Party

Finish the entire season

Play against the "International Tournament" teams

Win the "International Tournament" in The P Division to play against all of the International teams including the "Fancy Pandas" from China, "Garlic Gladiators" from Rome, "Funky Pharos" from Egypt and many more.

Play Against Other Teams

Get to the P Division to play against the "Ticklish Tornadoes", "Salty Sea Cows", "Screaming Chihuahuas", "Spiffy Penguins", "Lumpy Gravies", and all the MLS Teams.

Play against the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational" teams

Win the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament" to play against the "Rug Burners", "Carpet Sweepers", "Turf Mowers" and "Abominable Cherry-Pickers".

Score A Lot Of Goals!

In a game, dribble it down the sideline towards their end.Get pretty close to where you take corner kicks and lob it into the middle by putting the X by one of your players. Then quickly put the X in the goal

Skip Opening Sequence

Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence.