Bakery Story Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Earn Coins Quickly

An useful way to earn coins and gems quickly is you cook a lot of the same food. You earn ChefPoints which up your ranking. It earns me great gems and coins each time I advance a level!

Bakery Door Trick/Glitch

If you don't have much time or you are not making food, or your ovens are full, you can put something in front of your Bakery's door. For example, you can put the cash register in front of the door. When the door is blocked, no people can get in, so they wont give your bakery a bad star rating. This will let you level up faster because you won't get bad ratings. When you can handle more people, put your item back to it's place, and "re-open" to hungry people!

Helpful Tips

  1. Make sure you have lots of tables, so you won't get full as fast...
  2. Leave a message on anyone's board if you tip them.
  3. If someone tells you that you're full, message them and remind them that you're not full anymore.
  4. Look for people that have been online very recently who have been tipping, and tip them.

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