Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bungi Banjo

Get the vehicle to the top of someplace. Fall down, but use the wrench to grab from the vehicle.

How To Win Races You Cant Win

If you can't win races like the one in banjo-land act 6, jump out of your kart and press B as fast as you can. Fix the cart so its wider and steers from all wheels. Time will stop when you press B. This works for all goals that give you a kart. Have fun!

Floating Soccer Ball

First you need to pause the game and go to BUILD VEHICLE then got to vehicle database and go to towns blueprint get the car or what ever it is and go to TEST O TRACK get out of the 4 wheeled tray grab the soccer ball put it on the tray face the car in front of the first cement halfpipe then drive half of it then press SELECT then go back to TEST O TRACK then you will see a floating soccer ball (might take a couple of tries).

Nutty Acres Farmhand Of The Year

In this challenge you have to get the coconuts to this weird vacuum. The hint in this level is you have to knock down the weird vacuum that sucks up the coconuts. Put the vacuum in your vehicle. Then when you get to the coconuts you levitate the coconut sucker above the coconuts and it will suck up every single one. You'll get a TT Trophy for accomplishing this task.

Get Rid of the Ghosts on the Crates

To get rid of the ghosts on the crates, you have to beat Grunty all 5 times and you will get a horn the fifth time. Honk in front of it and it will disappear.

Gravity Defying Vehicles

You can make your vehicle hover by putting a box or almost anything else on top of the vehicle then jumping on top of the box and move around until the vehicle highlights then pick it up with the wrench

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Unlockables & Awards

BBQ Beef Achievement

In nutty acres grab a cow and walk into the volcano. Drop the cow in the lava and you get 20 gamer score.

Burn The Witch Achievment

Shoot Grunty with the laser and get the achievement "burn the witch"