BASS Strike Cheats & Codes

Game Shark Codes

(M) Must Be On EC83F3081445D7BC 
0 Fish Caught Opp. 4CAE01901456E7A5 
0 Fish Caught P1 4CAE018C1456E7A5 
0 Total Weight Opp 4CAE017814560950 
9 Fish Caught Opp. 4CAE01901456E79E 
9 Fish Caught P1 4CAE018C1456E79E 
Heavy Bass 1-Tourn. 4CC039A41456F7A6 
Heavy Bass 2-Tourn. 4CC039B0145627A6 
Heavy Bass 3-Tourn. 4CC039BC14562AA6 
Heavy Bass 4-Tourn. 4CC039C8145617A6 
Heavy Bass 5-Tourn. 4CC039D4145647A6 
Inf Time Arcade 4CAE0142145617A5 
Instant Win Arcade 4CAE01421456E7A5   
4CAE018C1456E79E   4CAE017414560950 
Long Bass 1-Tourn. 4CC039A81456E7D5 
Long Bass 2-Tourn. 4CC039B41456E7D2 
Long Bass 3-Tourn. 4CC039C01456E765 
Long Bass 4-Tourn. 4CC039CC1456E762 
Long Bass 5-Tourn. 4CC039D81456E775 
Max Total Weight P1 4CAE017414560950 

To Lure In Bigger Fish

R2, Square, R1, Circle, R1, L1.

BASS Strike Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Good Catches

Have you tried looking for fish in the reeds yet? There are usually some good catches to be had there. In particular try the reeds near the shore and bridges.

Bring Fish In Faster

While reeling in a fish, press the D pad up and down to reel in WAY faster.

Catching Big Fish

To catch bigger fish, look for poles sticking out of the water or rocks near shore, or sometimes near bridges.