Battle Arena Toshinden Cheats & Codes

Schorcher Mode

When the Takara logo comes up, press Select 3 times to get schorcher mode.

All Characters

When Ellis starts dancing press Up, Down, B, A, Right, Left, B, A to get every character including Gaia, Gaia 2, Uranus, and Sho.

Jet Mode

At the title, press A, A, A.

Text Debug Mode

When the Takara logo appears at the start of the game, press B, A, Left, Right, B, A, Down, Up, B, A. You'll hear a signal to confirm the code and you'll be sent to a secret menu where you can read all of the text that appears in the game.

Boss Code

After the Takara logo diappears at the start of the game, a picture of Ellis will appear. When you see her, press Up, Down, A, B, Right, Left, A, B. You'll hear a signal to confiom the code; now when you start the game, you'll have four extra characters to choose from.

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