Battle Hunter Cheats & Codes

Hidden Characters

Create a character, and enter "SHUICHI" or "VIKEIF" as a name to unlock a secret character. Shuichi has a high movement range, decent attack power and HP, but low defense. Vikeif has high attack power, decent movement range and HP, and fairly low defense. They have very good stats for Level 1 characters, but their levels cannot be raised. They are useful for a multiplayer game, but useless in story mode, as they cannot become any more powerful.

Battle Hunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money

Get yourself a chacter and press select the feather should change color, Proced to registration and press new. This will make a new chacter and put all atribute points on movement. This will make the chacter move up to 4+ spaces. Proced until all 4 spaces are filled then begin a mission. You can use the other 3 people to gather or help you in battle. In order to get their item you must fight them and make them surrender to you. This will give you possion of their items, which you can sell for more money.