Battle Realms Cheats & Codes

Instantly Destroy Buildings

First click an enemy building you can see (out of the fog) then hold the control key (Ctrl) then press "D" 2-4 times. It will destroy it so your troops can concentrate on the enemy units.

Battle Realms Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Yin For Lotus And Serpent.

For the serpent clan make a ronin and make him learn the Yin blade battle gear. Make him force attack a tree and watch your yin skyrocket. For the lotus clan make a brothe Lythis from the Crypt of brothers. and make him attack a tree.

Death Centry

Take a peasant to the watch tower and let your unclean-one take a feast on him. By that way your unclean-one will obtain death centry and your peasant will be just fine, but couple of wounds and stamina looses.

Invisible Horse

First build all the biulding including a stable (important)then get one peasant to get a horse, Second, get one person from your army then order the peasant to get one horse then order it to take the horse back, as sson as the horse turns invisible while it is transported to the stable click one person from your army and then click it to the transporting horse, Now you will have an invisible horse.........(Good Luck On Your Game)

Unlimited Brothers In Lotus Clan

First build a crypt of brothers and create a brother. Then place him in a tower. destroy the crypt of brothers. Remove the brother. Make a new crypt of brothers. Repeat.