Ben 10: Alien Force Cheats & Codes

Level Lord

Go to Bonus Content, then to Enter Codes. Enter Gwen / Kevin / Big Chill / Gwen.

All Combos

Go to Bonus Content, then to Enter Codes. Enter Swampfire / Gwen / Kevin / Ben.

Infinite Aliens

Go to Bonus Content, then to Enter Codes. Enter Ben / Swampfire / Gwen / Big.

Chill Invincibility

Go to Bonus Content, then to Enter Codes. Enter Kevin / Big Chill / Swampfire / Kevin.

Ben 10: Alien Force Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Defeat Mech Dragon

At the very end of the second level you have to fight Mech Dragon. When you fight him, use Swampfire and attack him with special attack and Flamethrower until Mech Dragon puts a fire barrier around himself. Mech Dragon will try to hit you with his claws but it will miss. Then keep using Swampfire's move underbrush bash on Mech Dragon's hand until it breaks off. Mech Dragon will use some kind of swoop attack 2 or 3 times then he will land which will cause a shock wave which you need to block then just keep attacking him with Flamethrower and special attack and you will win.

Defeat Gorvan

You fight Gorvan at the end of the fifth level. The way to beat him is first turn into Jet Ray, then Gorvan will charge you. Just run away from him and he will tire out then destroy the rejuvenator with the move cultivator. This process will have to be repeated three times before the machine will stay offline. Next, when Gorvan charges you run away then when he tires out turn around and attack him with cultivator. Gorvan will go to some stone pillars and pull them out of the ground and try to hit you with them. All you have to do is get real close to him to make him attack you, but hurry away and they will get destroyed. He will pick up a boulder and try to throw it, and when it is lifted hit him with special attack and the boulder will fall on him. Hit him with cultivator, then just keep repeating this process until you have won.

Defeat Vulkanus

You fight Vulkanus at the end of level three. To beat him, turn into Big Chill and use the move Spiked and the move Hail storm and you will win. Note: the move spiked will have to be unlocked.

Defeat DNAlien Kevin

You will encounter DNAlien Kevin in the middle of the fifth level. There are three things he can absorb: wood, stone, and metal. His first choice will be metal then turn into Swampfire. Proceed to attack Kevin with underbrush bash then when he is on the ground destroy the stone object which he can absorb, which is on the far right of the screen. Destroy it then continue to fight Kevin and hit him with underbrush bash when he is on the ground destroy the metal then repeat the process and destroy the wood. Just keep attacking him until he has nothing to absorb and his armor of whatever he had absorbed then just keep attacking him until he has been defeated. Warning: Kevin has different attacks for each of his forms. Metal:he picks up a chunk of metal and throws it like a boomerang. Stone:he hits the ground several times. Wood:he tears off a piece of his wood armor and uses it as a bat.

Ben 10: Alien Force Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Humungousaur

Beat the level Plumber Trouble, and you will unlock Humungousaur.

Unlock Jet Ray

Beat the level The Forest Medieval, and you will unlock Jet Ray.

Unlock Spidermonkey

Beat the level Knight-mare at the Pier, and you will unlock Spidermonkey.

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