Beyblade: Metal Fusion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Dark Parts Sagitario

You have to beat the game then go to free battle and click bey crusher and atleast get 70-60 play about 30 times and if you get 15000 points go to story mode and go to madoka and go to beyparts go to face and all the parts there all at the bottem of the list if you run out of points try about 20 more times.

How To Beat The Game!

How to beat the game is that you buy some parts. Make your bey an attack type or a defense type. Then go! Go! Go!

How To Get A Golden Bey

First you need to beat the game and do story mode all over again - each level you will get a piece of a gold bey.

How To Get Max Bp

Go to free battle and go to bey crusher. Battle over 10000 bey's you wil get cash to get every part you need. If you beat over 140 bey's you can get a gold beyblaed.

How To Win A Battle

To win, you keep attacking, and if it's a defense type, then try to NOT get a stadium out!

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