Beyond Atlantis II: The New World Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Skull Quest Of Ireland

When in Ireland, you'll notice there is a tomb with a broken skull in it. There are 5 parts to the skull that you need to find. Below are listed the locations of these pieces:
1.  The bee-hives by the coast.
2.  Between the rocks beside the grazing sheep.
3.  Get the fork in the garden and go to the ladder by the house.  Climb up the ladder and you'll see the hole in the roof.  Use the fork and knock the bone off of the shelf.
4.  On the side of a hill there's a den with a fox in it.  Click on the fox so it will run around the hill.  You'll hear some chickens screeching.  Go to the well near the house and find the next piece. 
5.  Just inside the house, there is a wall hanging.  Near this picture, there is a shelf in the corner.  The final piece is on the shelf.
Once all of the pieces are assembled on the skull, it will transform into a mumbling head. Go to the hut beside the house to get a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with the tears from the weeping head in the house. Give this to the head and it will tell you the next part of your quest.

The First Five Minutes

Get on the ship. Talk to the wiseman. He is your guide. Pick up different triangular stones.