Bit.Trip Void Unlockables & Awards

Steam Achievements

  • BIT.TRIPPER : Register a high score on the leaderboards
  • BULLET.HECK : Defeat the Super-ego boss without getting hit by a white Beat
  • CHALLENGE.COMPLETE : Collect all black Beats without hitting any white Beats during a Challenge
  • CONFIDENCE : Watch the hidden cutscene
  • EGO.COMPLETE : Beat Ego in Normal difficulty
  • ID.COMPLETE : Beat Id in Normal difficulty
  • JUGGLE.MASTER : Chained 500 Beats
  • JUGGLER : Chained 100 Beats
  • MULTI.TASKER : Chained 200 Beats
  • OLD.SCHOOL.SKILLS : Escaped Nether Mode
  • POWERED.UP : Turn all enemy Voids black and collect them during the Ego boss battle before beating the level
  • ROAD.HOG : Race against the Id boss for 2 minutes before beating the level
  • SUPER-EGO.COMPLETE : Beat Super-ego in Normal difficulty
  • ULTRA.ULTRA : Play through an entire stage in Ultra Mode in Normal difficulty
  • VOID.MASTER : Collect 10,000 black Beats
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