Blair Witch Episode 2: Coffin Rock 1886 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [F10], then type one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function:


Invincibility			iworkforgod
Invisibility 			nod3d 	
Crossbow 			mediumrare 
Shotgun 			bigstickofdeath 
Tommygun 			meetmypaltommy 
Elephant gun 		smileynomore 
Flamethrower 		burnyourassoff 
Dynamite 			goodtimesman 
All weapons 			getintomybelly 
100 bullets 			iamawimpforthis 
Silver bullets 		wwbeware 
Lith bullets 			vampbeware 
Mercy bullets 		demonbeware 
Flaming ammunition 		flameonastick 
Charge radiance emitter 		sunofgod 
Recharge flashlight battery 	recharge 
Night vision goggles		icansee 
Gas mask 			thedogfarted 
Full health 			givemefaith 
Disable enemy AI 		hellfreezeover 
Easy combat 		combatisscary 
Easy difficulty 		isuck 
Easy puzzles 		puzzlesarescary 
Hard difficulty 		irule 
Dismemberment mode 		gibnplenty 
Big head mode 		bighead 
Terminator 2 skin texture 	t2000 
Weather is raining 		thunderstorm 
Weather is snowing 		snowstorm 
Slow down or speed up time 	time 
Black, hot pink, and gray objects 	blank 
Darker graphics 		dark 
Darker color scheme 		itisdarknow 
Crash game 			instantcrash 
Unknown 			goneawhile 
Unknown 			raise 
Unknown 			nukefart 
Unknown 			oldhat 
Unknown 			step