Blood Omen 2 Cheats & Codes

Cheat Mode

At the main menu, press White, Black, L, R, X, B, Y.

Iron Armor And Soul Reaver

To get the Iron Armor and Soul Reaver go to the main menu and press the White Button, Black Button, Left Trigger, Right Rrigger, X, B, Y. If you did it right you will hear someone talk. After you hear someone talk start a new game.

Blood Omen 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beating The Sarafan Lord

When the battle begins, select the TELEKINESIS power and position Kain so that he is directly across from the Sarafan Lords Platform. The Sarafan Lord will shoot three projectiles at Kain that you must dodge. Once the third shot goes by, use Kain's TELEKINESIS gift to force the Sarafan lord close to the edge of the platform,he will be yelling and waving his hands around. This is your "Q", quickly change your power to the JUMP ability. Once you have done so run close enough so that you may hit the Sarafan lord with a fatal blow over the edge. After that he will magically re-appear and you will have to fight him. Don't worry, I have a simply solution. Select Kain's IMMOLATE power and use it against the Sarafan Lord. Be sure to block all the Sarafan Lords hit(s), except for the fatal blow. Dodge the fatal blow and wait for your opening to unleash the IMMOLATE power. It will take about 4 turns, so be patient. After you have succeed in doing that you will be joined by a visitor whom helps distract the Sarafan Lord so that you may use the Soul Reaver. Now it's time to finish the job. Select the BERSERK power and begin. Be sure to block his hits except for the fatal blow. Once powered up use the BERSERK power and take it to him. This will also take a few tries (3-4). Good luck!!!

Beat Sebastian

Use the mist as you play evasively so that Sebastian burns himself. Make him run into the portal three times when he's in his second form. In his third phase, he will try to destroy the stone. Charm the peasant in his third form to release all the mist. Then simply duke it out with the fourth and final form.

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