Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Merging Charaboms

To merge Charaboms go to "Battle Game" at the start. Then, select a file. Go to "Merge" and choose "1 Player Merge". Then, choose any two Charaboms and they will become merged to create a stronger and better Charabom than the original. Once you merge them, you can never get back to their original forms; only when you play the normal game can choose the original ones.

Easy Charaboms

In a two player battle, you normally would lose your Charabom if you lost. However, turn off the power immediately before losing. Your opponent will get a free Charabom and you will not lose one. If done purposely, the person who wanted to give someone a copy of their Charabom would purposely lose, turning off before the final blow.

Bomb Shield

When holding Invisible Vest, set a bomb and just as it explodes rapidly press A repeatedly. This will protect you. Be careful not to blow yourself up after the Vest wears off.

Charabom Stats

These are the charabom's powers in the game:
Pommy- Runs the fastest of all charabom
Ceedrun- Has bombs that destroy everything within a certain range
Pteradon- Has land mines
Sibaloon- Can travel over deployed bombs
Kai-man- Can project a shield that protects it from an enemy shot coming at him
Anglar- Has bombs that follow the enemies
P.Animal- Can jump over bombs
P.Beast- Can set remote controlled bombs that can be moved by you. In my opinion this charabom is the best against nearly all bosses. Just sit where you are and send a remote control bomb after them. Occasionaly dodge when they come near.
Rhinon- can push bombs out of the way
Toughguy- can throw bombs out of the way

Easy Charabom Power-ups

If you are trying to raise the power of your charabom for battles, don't try to do it on an unbeaten level. Go back to an easy level and just collect items their. Another easy way is to expose the item, switch charaboms and let a weak charabom get it. Then switch back to a stronger charabom.

Easy Bombs And Speed

If you want to easily have 4 bombs and 4 speed than you can just go to an already beaten level and get the items there. This saves you the trouble of possibly losing in the process of doing this. You also have a better chance of beating the level. This is also a hint worth trying if you want to get items for your charabom to boost it's attack.