Bomberman Party Edition Cheats & Codes

Show Time Event Passwords

Level	Password

10 	3G59E326 
20 	3D5D49C4 
30 	8D5A4B26 
40 	8D5A4BCE 

Full Power Passwords

Level	Password

1 	46224622 
11 	10191019 
21 	12221222 
31 	26572657 
41 	38793879 

Special Attack

Select one of the "4 Bomber Kings" or Great Bomber. Hold X and press the D-pad for a special attack.

Alternate Block Locations

Enter 56565656, 16161616 or 49894989 as a password for the beginner, normal, and hard difficulty settings in battle mode.

Bomberman Party Edition Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Fire Attack

When you get a fire proof vest, lay a bomb and hold circle and whoever gets to close to you will explode. If you use a power bomb than it will burn a whole row up and a whole row across from you.