Bratz: Rock Angelz Cheats & Codes

London Boy Changed

Enter cheat code BLINGZ & London Boy's clothes change.

Cameron Changed

While in the bratz office, use the cheat computer to enter STYLIN

Jade Changed

While in the bratz office use the cheat computer to enter FUNKALISH, SLAMMIN or HOT either one will work.

Dylan Changed

While in the bratz office use the cheat computer to enter Meygan.

Get Blingz Tokens & More!!!

To "Enter" these codes you have to have at least already gotten to the office part of the game. Go to where the magazine is at the office and right next to the magazine table should be anouther table and it will have the little computer where you can put the following cheats in.
1000 Blingz Tokens:
     Enter: YASMIN

2000 Blingz Tokens:
     Enter: PHOEBE

2100 Blingz Tokens:
     Enter: DANCIN

3000 Blingz Tokens:
     Enter: WAYFAB

6000 Blingz Tokens:
     Enter: HOTTIE

When you unlock the "Fashion Promenode", there will be a store where you could buy
"Ring Tones" for your cell phone. Here are some cheats to unlock some of the ones
that are locked.

Ring Tone 12:
     Enter: BLAZIN

Ring Tone 15:
     Enter: FIANNA

Ring Tone 16:
     Enter: ANGELZ

Here is a cheat code to change Dylan's clothes.
     Enter: MEYGEN

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