Breath of Fire 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Finding The Main Kid In Hide In Seek

After you find almost all the kids the 2nd to last one is on the stairs at the entrenes where you can't see her tag her.Then go back and speak to the sister on the bottem floor and she'll say there's only one left and you say yes and then the frog will say that he went down to the basement. Then you talk to the guard and he will say that he is thirsty and you need to get the water girl to give him a drink and you sneak behind down stairs whill his having a drink

The Grass Dragon

Go to the Shikk Region, after you have the Sandflier. Do the course Shikk-Shyde. About half way through on the map, there is something that looks like a shortcut, but there is no road to get to it. There is a Sand Dune just outside the 'Shortcut.' Jump off of this into the shortcut (by the way it's easier said than done!) and go into the oasis area you will stop and you will find the Grass Dragon next to the oasis.

The Plant Dragon

In the third chapter go to the Checkpoint and Try to go to shikk. Hopefully there should be a ?. Go into it and go East. If go through that exit a ? will open up on the world map. Go there to see the Plant Dragon who teaches Ryu Holy Circle.


 Any fire + lv.1 wind = Firewind
 Any fire + lv.2 wind = Simoon
 Any fire + lv.3 wind = Gigaflare

 Any wind + lv.1 water = Jolt
 Any wind + lv.2 water = Lightning
 Any wind + lv.3 water = Thunderstorm

 Any water + lv.1 earth = Storm
 Any water + lv.2 earth = Tempest
 Any water + lv.3 earth = Disaster

 Any earth + lv.1 fire = Eruption
 Any earth + lv.2 fire = Magma Blast
 Any earth + lv.3 fire = Ragnarok

Free Money

Start by having Ryu in front in the walking row. Next go into any town and hit the TRIANGLE button. If nothing comes out the first time keep hitting TRIANGLE on them. You should get money.

Wind Gem

Found by Ryu in burnt forest, to the west of the emperor's tomb.Once you can go there with Ryu, go into the "?" map where Fou-Lu was knocked off the bridge.Go up the side of the mountain to the area where the forest was burnt, and look for the Wind Gem in a side path on the far end of the screen.

Flawed Gem

Found by Ryu in en jhou, in the very depths of the temple. Accessible after reaching chiqua.

Earth Gem

Found by Ryu in saldine flats, when you are crossing from Pabpab to the western continent.

Fire Gem

Found by Ryu in Mt. Giga, when you fist enter the shikk region in chapter 3.

Water Gem

Found by Fou-Lu in sanctum, at the beginning of chapter 3.