Breed Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Health

For unlimited health edit Scripts\difficulty.txt and change the value under Damage0 from e.g. 0.17 to 0.0 for easy mode. The Damage0 values in line 2 and 3 are for Medium and Hard modes.

Breed Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Quick Save Keys

Shift - F11 and to load use Shift- F-12

Pass Mission Seven

After you cross the bridges with the tank destroy everything related to the sam. It's timed for the last part of the mission so make sure you've left yourself a good three minutes to complete your task.

Pass Lockdown

When you enter the crashed ship don't try to kill any of the Breed. Let them kill you. You will find yourself in a Breed prison where you can make your escape.