Build 'n Race Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Things You Should Never Do

Don't do any of these on any track.
1. Turn on a speed bump. (Do this with a GTX 360 on The Strip and see what I mean. I placed 7th. )
2. Get hit in a junction.
3. Get trapped in a place on the road where there are small concrete walls and cones. (I seen one driver trapped. )
4. Mess up a landing.

How Pass Throught Stunts

The easiest way to do this is on tri states, you just go off road on the grass and pass without jumping, or if you want to be honest, use some nitro to get speed (even while you're on air) and jump throught buses, ramps, and that fire hole piece in tristates.

How To Drive Well

To drive well, first you must find a car that fit you, like me, the gtx 360 and the z06 turbo.
Auto race city: be careful on the stunts and the underground entrances, if you hit them, you lose some positions
Tri states: you must be careful on the 2nd floor or above, if you fall at the same time, reset thee car and use some nitro to get your speed back.
Blackmoors:the side of the street is dangerous, keep it at the center of the road and be careful on the stunts: its good to use the gtx here because its good at handling.
And at last, the controller skin, whit or without the nunckuk is your choice, I prefer with.