Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Paint Jobs

Gold Paint Finish : Win all Elite License Events
Platinum Paint Finish : 101% Completion (All Events Completed; All Roads Ruled; All Discoveries, Car Parks and Drive-Thrus Found; Two sets of Online Challenges Completed)

Unlockable Cars

Carbon Hydros Custom : Beat all Showtime Road Rules
Carbon Ikusa GT : Beat all Time Road Rules
Carson Carbon GT Concept : Find All 400 Smashes
Carson Fastback : Get a B Class License
Carson GT Concept : Get a Burnout Driving License

More Unlockable Cars

Hunter Mesquite : Get a D Class License
Jansen Carbon X12 : Land All 50 Superjumps
Montgomery Carbon Hawker : Hit All 120 Billboards
Nakamura SI-7 : Get a C Class License
Rossolini Tempesta : Get an A Class License
Krieger Carbon Uberschall 8 : Complete 2 Sets of Online Challenges

Easter Egg

Stop the car and don't do anything for several seconds. The engine will turn off indicated by the red back lights turning off. Wait for a few more seconds and the screen will turn monochrome. The camera will start to move around the city and the music will turn to classical.

License Upgrades

A License : Win 26 events
B License : Win 16 events
Burnout Elite License : Beat all Events
Burnout Paradise License : Win 45 events
D License : Win 2 events
C License : Win 7 events