Burnout Revenge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Earning Stars

All you have to do is get a medal with a rating above good and your rank will increase from earning stars.


Be careful with you boost it can get you out of tough spots and help you take out cars with ease. A easy way to get boost is to drive in the oncoming lane and it will continue to fill even when your using it driving in the oncoming lane of coarse. A case where it will help you get a easy take out just boost fast next to your opponent and shunt him in to a wall and it will damage or take out the car. I use it for eliminator to boost past all of my "rivals" to be victorious. It is probably the most useful tool in the game. Also when trying to drift boosting while drifting let you get that extra "slide". I fell it is a good way and some times the only was to win certain races.

Compact C185 Super

Win a medal in Circle Of Strife in Rank 2 Eternal City.

Compact C180 Lite

Win a medal in Deconstruction Site in Rank 1 Motor City.

Classic Crasher C170

Win a medal in Cry For Alp in Rank 10 White Mountain.

Black Elite Racer

Reach "Elite" rank.

4x4 C180 Super

Win a medal in Off The Beaten Truck in Rank 1 Lone Peak.

4x4 C165 MID

Win a medal in Smash My Ride in Rank 5 Sunshine Keys.

Black Car

Have a saved game from Black on your hard drive.

X-Box 360 Car

Take a memory card to a store that has a playable X-Box 360. Then insert your memory card and download the X-Box 360 Car from Burnout Revenge game file.

Drifting Around Corners

When drifting around a corner (mainly hairpins), if your car is oversteering into the inside wall hold Boost and it will move away from the wall. If your car is heading for the outside wall, release Accelerate and it will move away from the wall. While going around a curve do not release A, instead press B (brake) and turn in the desired direction and you will drift around the curve. This will help lessen crashes.

Alternate Title Screen

Unlock the Black Elite Racer to have that car featured at the title screen.

Unlock The Madden Van

Simply open the options, then Special Features, and bring up the Madden 06 preview and this car will be unlocked.

Easy Crashbreaker

When your Crashbreaker meter is at 99%, press A. You will only have to tap B two or three times to get a full Crashbreaker. Additionally, hold RT until the Crashbreaker meter gets to 100%. When it does, it will be easier to blow up your car.

Burnout Revenge Unlockables & Awards

Logitech World Racer

Complete Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge Grand Prix

Revenge Racer

Gain "100% Complete" Status

Black Elite Racer

Gain the "Elite" Ranking

Nixon Special

Complete Eastern Bay's Challenge Sheet

Low Rider

Complete Angel Valley's Challenge Sheet

Hot Rod

Complete Lone Peak's Challenge Sheet

EA GT Racer

Complete White Mountain's Challenge Sheet

Euro Classic LM

Complete Eternal City's Challenge Sheet

Etnies Racer

Complete Motor City's Challenge Sheet

Criterion GT Racer

Complete Central Route's Challenge Sheet

Custom Classic

Simply open the options, then Special Features, and bring up the Madden 06 preview and this car will be unlocked. Complete Sunshine Keys' Challenge Sheet

Unlock The Madden Van

Simply open the options, then Special Features, and bring up the Madden 06 preview and this car will be unlocked.

Your Opinion Counts (10)

Recommend a Burnout Clip.

Wreck Reckless (15)

Get all Perfects in the Reckless rank.

World Rage (35)

Complete all Road Rage events with Perfect ratings.

Truly Fearless (25)

Get all Perfects in the Fearless rank.

True Elite (70)

Get all perfects in Burnout Revenge.

Triple Trouble (15)

Get Revenge 3 times in 1 event.

Totally Insane (40)

Get all Perfects in the Insane rank.

The Terminator (25)

Complete all Eliminator events with Perfect ratings.

The Crushinator (15)

Get 2 vertical takedowns in one race.

Takedowns Galore (20)

Get 250 Takedowns.

Start Something Ugly (5)

Takedown someone online.

Stack The Pack (15)

Blow up 5 rivals at once.

Speeding Bullet (25)

Complete all Burning Lap and Preview events with Perfect ratings.

Should Be Autographs (35)

Complete all 24 Signature Takedowns.

Settle With Metal (10)

Settle a score online.

Server Surfer (5)

Compete in a Burnout Revenge event online.

Rush Hour Revenge (35)

Complete all Traffic Attacks with a Perfect ratings.

Run Burner, Run (20)

Win 30 times for the Blue Team in online Road Rage.

Road Warrior (25)

Get 1,000 Takedowns.

Race Ace (35)

Get Perfect in all race events.

Perfect Assassin (55)

Get all Perfects in the Assassin rank.

Opening A Can (15)

Get 5 in a row on one Revenge Rival.

Not Harmless (10)

Get all Perfects in the Harmless Rank.

Most Wanted (55)

Get ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby.

Laying The Takedowns (20)

Get 50 Takedowns online.

Grudge O' War (40)

Settle the score over 100 times with the same rival.

Extremely Dangerous (30)

Get all Perfects in the Dangerous rank.

Easily Offensive (20)

Get all Perfects in the Offensive rank.

Dominate The Dominator (60)

Get all Perfects in the Dominator rank.

Crashes To Ashes (35)

All Crash Intersections completed with Perfect ratings.

Crash Addict (20)

Win 40 crash events online.

Crack The Unsafe (15)

Get all Perfects in the Unsafe rank.

Check It Out (10)

Share a Burnout Clip.

Celebrity Status (65)

Get a Clip in the Top 20 Downloads.

50 To Won (25)

Win 50 races online.

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