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During the game, press A, B, B, A, Y, A, X.

Burnout Revenge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Huge Turns

Whenever you're trying to make a huge turn, then try drifting because it works 100% of the time.

Vertical Takedowns

Vertical takedowns are probably the most difficult takedowns to get. The best way is to find a ramp and land on top of a rival to receive a vertical takedown.

Getting Revenge Takedowns

In races and Eliminators, if another opponent causes you to crash, the marking above that car (usually blue) will turn red. Take them out to receive a revenge takedown. If you can use your crashbreaker and take them out immediately, you will get instant revenge.

Getting Gold In Burning Laps

Some Burning Laps are easy, and others seem impossible. The best thing to do is take every shortcut possible, and drift around every corner. Earn boost for oncoming, near miss, traffic checking, air, and drift.

Over Car Limit

When 10 miles under car speed limit press a once then again but hold it.

Risin' The Rank Up

To get your rank up go to a stage with humps or hills, then go over the humps/hills on that stage as many as times as you want to. After you finish the stage your rank will go up by 3 to 6 stars.

Burnout Revenge Unlockables & Awards

Madden Challenge Bus

If you have a Madden 06 save file on your Xbox you will automatically get the Madden challenge bus.

Dominator Assassin

If you have a Burnout 3:Takedown save file on your Xbox you will automatically unlock the secret vehicle, Dominator assassin.

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