Butt Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

The cheats are activated on the password entry screen. When you enter a valid cheat code, a sound will be played to confirm that the cheat is active. Then you can start a new game - by hitting the B button to back up to the Main Menu - and the cheat will be in effect. Only 1 cheat works at a time and they don't work if entered before continuing a game.
Cheat Code		Result

IWTSOWN2 	Start World 2 (Mechtropolis)
TMTWN3PD 	Start World 3 (Aquatica)
IALTSMO4 		Start World 4 (Arborea)
IOTJOWN5 		Start World 5 (Silicon City)
FILGSOW6 		Start World 6 (Magma)
IWTSOWN7 	Start World 7 (Koo Foo Ship)
2ELFMPLS 		Start with 2 extra "lives" 
IAGAW4EL 		Start with 4 extra "lives" 
GMACOEWU 	Start with 2 weapon upgrades per character 
IAGAW4WU 	Start with 4 weapon upgrades per character 
JT2DU4MP 		Start with 2 defense upgrades per character 
DUATOU4M 	Start with 4 defense upgrades per character 
ALWMAA15 	All characters max weapons and defense start with 6 
		repair kits (Ultimate powerup cheat).
KMIORMAO 	Infinite Lives.

Butt Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Take Out The Enemy

When you have the invulnerability pick-up you can plow through the baddies with your suit. It's a great way to take out enemies quickly.

More Weapons!

If you've already maxed out your weapons with your current character and you encounter another power-up, switch to one of the other Martians and let them pick it up.


As powerups are uncovered, distribute them to the BUMs that need them the most. You cannot exceed 6 powerups for weapons & defense.

Beginner Hint

Beginners may want to use 2-T (the blue one) since he has the strongest armor and will be able to take more damage before having his powersuit drained

Missing The MEC?

If you do not have the MEC and need to avoid Stoat Muldoon, switch to B-Bop (the yellow one) until you can find the MEC since hes the fastest.

Check Out The Map

Look at the map when you first start a level to see the locations of the forcefields, the keys, and the end-of-level teleporter.