Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Long Lasting Stamina

Before you go on a hunt, make sure to pack a tent in your equipment. Once your hunt starts, before you go hunting press select select the tent, even if it won't let you pull it out, just keep repeating it several times then stop, your stamina should now last much longer...


In the "Survivor" challenge, your only weapon is the knife. Go across the bridge at the beginning. You will see a big boulder in the middle of the screen, stay to the right of it. Go up the hill and under the path covered by rocks. Stay close to the right side, go over the small hill on the right, go down hill, and again through the path covered by rocks. Go over the bridge and the cabin will be on the other side!!

Finding The Hunter

In challenge mode you will have to find a hunter that is hiding from hyena's. Once you kill a four hyenas there will be 2 ponds next to a waterfall. Find this spot, there walk straight out past the huge boulder and your hunter will be sitting on a small rock.

Use Items

If your walking and want to get into lets say a ground blind. All you have to do is click the SELECT button and a screen with all your items will show up. Find what you want and you can use it!

High Ground Hide-Away!

When you go to a hunt where you have to kill an animal then use its mest to lure other animals sich as wolfs, yotes, etc. kill the "BAIT" animal then try to get to the slope of a hill before the wolfs get after you. By doing this, the predators cannot reach you, which in-turn lets you kill them easily.

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