Cabela's Outdoor Adventures Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Hurt Man In West Klickitat

On the "hunt" option on Adventure mode, get to West Klickitat-winter and go to the permanent tree stand. Face away from the latter to a small canyon. Go inside the canyon and you should find a blue SUV with two green stripes in top. Beside it is a man laying on the ground. Go to him. (now a bonus mission question will pop up)Say yes and bring him to the log cabin. If you succeed, you will either get cash, or an unlockable item. Now you can drive the ATY and the SUV!

Lock On

When creating a new profile, select Greenhorn. Greenhorn is the easiest difficulty level because you don't have to actually aim at the target. So, during a hunt or a mission when you pull up your firearm/bow, press L1 and the aim automatically locks onto the target.

Bobcat's Prey

If you go to the Henry Mountains in any season, go follow a Bobcat. (be careful to not become it's prey)Sometimes if it comes along and finds a animal it will grab the other animal's neck, and shake it extremly fast. Soon the animal will fall and die. (if you shoot the animal while the bobcat is shaking it, it could be an easy kill for you)So go and get some popcorn and watch the fun!

Good Hunting Spots

If you want to get through with a hunt or mission fast, you need to look for a feeding ground, corn field, or water hole. Bring a tree stand, tripod stand, or blind to get best kills. Make sure no vehicles are in sight or the animals might run away. (you can use any other helpful items for better kills).

Hunt at Night

If you want to hunt at night (try this only in missions) then just buy a tent. (I would suggest the heavy weight tent for better protection) Sleep in the tent and wait about ten-fifteen minutes if you are at eight-ten AM. Press select from time-to- time to see what time it is. After it is about ten PM, wake up. Now you can hunt in the dark!


When in Fishing mode, you will get a bite EVERY OTHER cast. Also, the speed of how fast you reel in is controlled by how much pressure you apply to the button. So, on the first cast reel it all the way in fast. Then, on the next cast go slow and wait for a bite. And so on...

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