Call of Duty 3 Cheats & Codes


Hold the back button and press left, right, up, left, down, start. (Possible fake code)...

Unlock All Chapters/bouns Material

Hold down the back button. Then press Right, Right, Left, Left, X, X quickly.

Call of Duty 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Awesome Glitch

Go on mulitplayer and chose split screen. Make teams and chose Ender Dam as the map. If you are the allies you should spawn near the big dam. Next, go to the bridge. Go to the house that has the truck, 3 person truck that you can drive in, and go to the side. There should be a motorcycle on the side of the house. Next, get in the bike and go strait back, don't move the wheel at all! Then get out of the bike when it is on the hiil and you should go through the wall and presto your under the map.

Easy Kill

When you here the signal while on the bridge,start running, stay behind the tank. The blocked area where you need to go needs to be cleared, through a grenade instead of gapping bullets. After that, it's smooth sailing to the next check point.

Snipe From The Spawn House Roof (Les Ormes)

Near the Nazi spawn house, jump on to the fence near the tractor. Then jump from there to the small roof nearby, this will bring you right under the top roof but still out of reach. Now jump towards the tractor and you will float above it. Once above the tractor sprint jump towards the top roof and you will land on the very edge of it. Once up there, go towards the upper section of the roof facing the main road and go prone. This will let you lie down under the shingles but can still shoot.

Jump With The Bazooka

If you shoot downward with the bazooka while jumping, you will propel yourself to higher places. If you have your team killed off, your teamates can use their bazookas to shoot you to higher places. Timing is important. You can reach many places that are otherwise out of range.

Hold Sniper's Breath

When playing as a sniper, go to the prone position, sight up the weapon, and when you click the left toggle to hold your breath, quickly pull any direction with the same left toggle. This will automatically hold your breath whenever you sight up your sniper.

Quick Escape

When being shot at by and enemy and near a room or wall, run and jump and hold B. You should dive head first into the room or wall and escape.

Call of Duty 3 Unlockables & Awards

Still Ticking - 30 Points

Complete a mission without dying or using checkpoints.

Captain - 40 Points

Receive 2000 total points in ranked matches - multiplayer points.

Major - 60 Points

Receive 8000 total points in ranked matches - multiplayer points

Colonel - 80 Points

Receive 20000 total points in ranked matches - multiplayer points

General - 120 Points

Receive 40000 total points in ranked matches - multiplayer points

Purple Heart - 5 Points

For perseverance despite grievous injuries

Basic Training - 5 Points

Complete the basic training in the beginning of Saint Lo .

American Infantryman - 20 Points

Complete two missions as an American soldier.

British Commando - 20 Points

Complete two missions as an British soldier.

Canadian Highlander - 10 Points

Complete two missions as a Canadian soldier

Polish Tanker - 15 Points

Complete two missions as a Polish soldier

Won The War - 80 Points

Complete the single-player campaign on any difficulty setting

Hot Potato - 25 Points

Pick up and return five live grenades

Rifleman - 15 Points

Complete a mission by firing only bolt action rifles. Melee attacks don't count.

Assault Trooper - 15 Points

Complete a mission by firing only assault rifles. Melee attacks don't count.

Battlefield Scavenger - 15 Points

Complete a mission by firing only German weapons. Melee attacks don't count.

Allergic To Bullets - 25 Points

Avoid getting hit more than 30 times during a mission.

Conservationist - 20 Points

Complete a mission using less than 300 rounds of ammunition.

Close Quarter Combatant - 100 Points

Complete a mission without firing a round. Player can make use of melee attacks and hand grenades.

Grizzled Veteran - 150 Points

Complete the single-player Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

Supply Officer - 15 Points

Supply ammunition to at least 20 friendly soldiers in a single ranked match - multiplayer points.

Doc - 30 Points

Revive 10 of your team-mates in a ranked match without getting a team-kill - multiplayer points.

A War Hero - 30 Points

Capture the final objective in the game mode War. Must be a ranked match - multiplayer points.

Victory Medal - 30 Points

Be the player with the highest score and on the winning team in a ranked match - multiplayer points.

Lieutenant - 20 Points

Receive 200 total points in ranked matches - multiplayer points.

Go Beyond The Map, And Play As A Rock

In the Merville level, get in a jeep and drive it across the river and park it in a slanted position in the north west corner of the map. Get out of the driver's seat and you will be able to go beyond the map's border. As you look south there will be a rock, to get in the rock you need to run and jump. In the rock you will be able to kill people without them seeing you, but you can only kill people in that area. Be careful and do not walk into the big space ahead of you because you will have to respawn.

Hot Potato Achievement

To unlock the Hot Potato Achievement, throw your own gernades to the ground, then pick them up, and throw them at the enemy.

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