Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Stay Alive On 2nd To Last British Misson

When you get to where the guy is using a bunker like gun to keep you down back up to were you see his head (if you see his gun you've gone to far back) and paint his head.

Ammo Saver

An easy way not to go through 2 clips on the same guy is to look down the sight. If you notice, when you shoot your bullets are spraying instead of going in a straight line. Turn on your sight and simply aim at their head. I have gone through entire levels using only a 9mm on hard and strategy seems to work best.

How To Get A Easy Kill!

In two player while playing with a friend It is smart not to let them find you first of all and If you spot them take the time to look down the sight and aim carefully at their head. If you shoot correctly they will instantly die in one hit. Another thing, if you just go out into open fire you have a way higher chance of being killed yourself.

Machine Gun Sniper Rifle

You will need to be on the "Russian" Map in multicard multiplayer. One player must be bear and one player must be wolf. Both must have sniper rifles. Meet up on the roof near the A laptop. Next, Bear kills wolf with melee then stands over wolf's gun. Next, Wolf kills bear with melee. When bear is dead, wolf is free to swap sniper rifles. The ammo on the swapped sniper rifle should say 1/0. The sniper rifle now has unlimited ammo and shoots rapid fire. The only drawback is that you can no longer zoom in with the sniper rifle.

Kill Teamate

When you are playing solo player you can throw a grenade by your teammate where he can't reach. Then you run away and hopefully he can't reach it and wont throw it back. But then he blows up.

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