Call of Duty: United Offensive Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

GoldenEye Sniper

When your armed with a sniper or it's your job (mission) to use a sniper it's really easy shooting the enemy and its fun. If a enemy is standing still then it will be a sinch. It's a little harder with the enemy running. Just simply move the curser a little infront of the enemys running direction. Then Shoot. Ahhh hes dead. LOL

Cooking Grenades

Cooking grenades can come handy in single player and multiplayer. The first thing you do is get out a grenade. Then click and hold the left mouse button (the shooting button) then just click the right mouse button. Do you notice that the curser is growing bigger then it quickly gets small again. Well if it does that five times it will blow up. So if you want to clear a room and you want it to blow up without the enemy running away from the grenade I would wait until the curser grows bigger 3 or 4 times.