Candy Crush Saga Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Candy Combination List

  • 1st Candy : 2nd Candy : What The Combo Does
  • Coconut Wheel : Coconut Wheel : Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes, detonates them, then repeats.
  • Coconut Wheel : Color Bomb : Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes and detonates them.
  • Coconut Wheel : Mint Stripe : Converts a row or column of candies into Mint Stripes.
  • Coconut Wheel : Wrapper Bomb : Creates a row or column of Wrapper Bombs.
  • Color Bomb : Color Bomb : Removes every candy from the board!
  • Color Bomb : Mint Stripe : All candies of that color are converted to Mint Stripes, then detonated.
  • Color Bomb : Wrapper Bomb : Color Bomb detonates, then detonates a random color again.
  • Jelly Fish : Color Bomb : Creates three Color Bomb Jelly Fish and detonates them.
  • Jelly Fish : Mint Stripe : Creates three Mint Stripe fish, then detonates them.
  • Jelly Fish : Wrapper Bomb : Creates three Wrapped Jelly Fish, then detonates Wrapper Bombs.
  • Mint Stripe : Mint Stripe : Both candies explode, with one switching direction if they're identical.
  • Wrapper Bomb : Mint Stripe : The explosion clears three rows and three columns.
  • Wrapper Bomb : Wrapper Bomb : Detonates two dozen candies around each bomb.
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