Carnivores 2 Cheats & Codes

Super Dino

When playing type in "superdino" As a code and it will add 25% of each dinosaur into one super dino.

Blood Mode

When hunting,type in 'gimmieblood' and it will enable blood mode.

Debug Mode

While playing a game, type "debugup" to enable debug mode. If you entered the 
code correctly, location coordinates will appear in the top right corner of the 
screen. Then, dinosaurs will ignore your character until you shoot. Additionally, 
enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Run faster		[Ctrl]
Super jumps		[Ctrl] + N
Slow-motion mode	[Shift] + S
Display frame rate	[Shift] + T
Full map		[Tab]

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:


Flight mode		[Shift] + L
Toggle fog		[Shift] + F
Toggle 3D objects	[Shift] + M

Carnivores 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Kill The T-rex

This is how you kill the t-rex. You can use any gun, but I don't recomend the sniper rifle or the x-bow. First look at the rader to see if there are any in the area, if there is then wait until there is one in the area or move to another place with a t-rex in it, the area is the green circle around you on the radar. Next you go right up to the t-rex, you can go right up to it andit wont eat you beacause it hadn't herd the bullet yet. Next wait till he stops, then you get the clostest aim you can get then fire away! My friend was verry suprised when I went right up to it beacause he thought it would eat me. I hope you can fool your friends your self. Hope you like my cheat! ;).

Escaping Attacks

If you a being chased, and you are near water, you run in the middle of the water. If the water is deep enough, so that the dinosaur's legs can't reach the bottom, it will not be able to eat you. It will swim around you. This is also a good time to shoot it, but becasue the dinosaur is in water he will not go to your trophy room.

Hunting The Big T-Rex

Because you can only kill the T-Rex by shooting it in the eye, I suggest that you use a shotgun or db shotgun. They can run very fast, so it will probably attack you before you get a chance to kill it. If you climb up a mountain and stop near a steep side, when the T-Rex comes, it can't climb up the cliff to eat you. It will stay at the base of the mountain and run around it circles. This is a good time to shot it.

Free Hunting, Weapons, Dinos Ect.

This is more a hack than a cheat. In the game-folder, open from the Huntdat folder the file named "_res.txt". If you scroll to the bottom of that file, you will see the prices of all weapons, hunting areas, animals and equiptment. Simply set them all to 1 and you will only have to pay 1 buck nomatter what you chooses in the game. You can also see data of weapons and animals. By each weapon, set "shots" to the number of rounds you'll like. Also you can increase "power" and "prec" and "rate". to higher numbers (be carefull or you'll hit anything on the map nomatter where you aim).