Carnivores: Ice Age Cheats & Codes


Press shift-f for a v-fog. If that dosent work try shift-v.

Debug Mode

During gameplay type in debugup. If you entered it correctly the dinos will not attack and you see coordinates in the top right of the screen. You can now press one of these buttons
SHIFT+N - Jump longer 

SHIFT+T - Display Frame Rate 

SHIFT+S - Get Slow motion 

TAB - Show map 

CTRL - Fast running 

SHIFT + L - Fly mode 





Shift+ I - Invincibility???? 

Money Cheat

Open the TROPHY##.SAV file where ## is equal to names listed, first is 01, second is 02 ect. The files are in the game root directory. Find address: 000084 to 000085 Replace those two bytes with: FF FF Save the file and surprise, you now have over $65,000 to go hunting with!


Enable Cheat Mode, then enter [Shift] + S.

View Frame Rate

Enable Cheat Mode, then enter [Shift] + T.

Full Map

Enable Cheat Mode, then enter [Tab].

Super Jumps

Enable Cheat Mode, then enter [Ctrl] + N

Run Faster

Enable Cheat Mode, then enter [CTRL]

Enable Cheat Mode

While playing a game, type "debugon" to enable debug mode. Then, dinosaurs will ignore your character until you shoot, weapons will have infinite ammunition, and lava is not harmful.

Carnivores: Ice Age Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Hunting, Weapons, Dinos Ect.

This is more a hack than a cheat. In the game-folder, open from the Huntdat folder the file named "_res.txt". If you scroll to the bottom of that file, you will see the prices of all weapons, hunting areas, animals and equiptment. Simply set them all to 1 and you will only have to pay 1 buck nomatter what you chooses in the game. You can also see data of weapons and animals. By each weapon, set "shots" to the number of rounds you'll like. Also you can increase "power" and "prec" and "rate". to higher numbers (be carefull or you'll hit anything on the map nomatter where you aim).

Super Cheat

Make sure that you make an extra copy of your game so you don't erase. Go to My Computer open the C: drive then go to program files then to Carnivores Ice Age. Open the icon with a notepad above it saying res. Then change the strength of the animal or gun you hunt or hunt with, then go to file and save.

Get Yeti

Get over 1000 points. Beware they run very fast and are very hard to kill!