Carnivores Cheats & Codes

Enter Debug Mode

During any level, type in "DEBUGON" to turn on debug mode. While in debug mode, you can't drown or get hurt by lava. ALso, dinos won't bother you (unless you shoot them) and you can go up trees by jumping. You can turn off debug mode by typing "DEBUGON" again.

Run Fast

In debug mode, press CTRL

Full Map

In debug mode, press TAB

Show Frame Rate

In debug mode, press CTRL-T

Jump Longer

In debug mode, press CTRL-N

Slow Motion Mode

In debug mode, press CTRL-S


In debug mode and before you enter the water, press the SPACE BAR.

Carnivores Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Hunter

If you quickly type DEBUGON during game play, you cannot be seen or smelled by any dinosaur. If you get near an herbivore though, it will sense you and run away (or if it's the triceratops, it will kill you). This is not an invincibility cheat, if you shoot at a carnivore and miss, it will come after you and kill you. Also, this cheat makes you run REALLY fast and jump VERY high, giving you some new areas to snipe from... Such as trees.