Cars 2: The Video Game Cheats & Codes

Unlocks All Racing Modes And Tracks For Free Play

Enter 959595.

Unlimited Energy/boost

Enter code 721953 on the code screen for unlimited boost. Does not effect achievements.

Allows Player To Controll The Satellite Laser Weapon

Enter 123456.

Cars 2: The Video Game Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

New Way - Shortcuts

If you see a don't enter sign, it's usually a short cut.

Cars 2: The Video Game Unlockables & Awards


1. Master Agent (Platinum) – Unlock 49 badges and crests.
2. Smashing (Bronze) – Drive through 100 breakable objects in a single event.
3. World’s Best Backwards Driver (Bronze) – Drive backwards for a total of 60 seconds in a single event.
4. Nothing But Air Tricks (Silver) – Complete 10 air tricks in a single event.
5. Shock Value (Bronze) – Use 15 turbos in a single event
6. Ready, Set, Go! (Bronze) – Get a perfect Quick Start
7. Hop-A-Long (Bronze) – Hop 20 times in a single event.
8. All Mine! (Bronze) – Earn 30 seconds of bonus time by destroying Lemons in a single Attack mode event.
9. Dangerous Cargo (Bronze) – Destroy 5 explosive trucks in a single Attack Mission.
10. Capitol View (Silver) – Gain access to the upper level of a skyscraper in Tokyo Arena.
11. Survivor (Bronze) – Get a gold trophy in a single Survivor Mission.
12. Drop the Bomb (Bronze) – Knock the Disruptor out of any opponent’s grasp 5 times in a single Disruptor Challenge.
13. Eye In the Sky (Bronze) – Destroy 3 Lemons with the Satellite Quake weapon in a single Hunter Mission.
14. Power Surge (Bronze) – Collect 3 bonus batteries in a single Survival Mission.
15. Make Them Quake (Silver) – Hit any opponent 2 times with the Satellite Quake weapon.
16. Road Rage (Bronze) – Bash 15 Lemons in Hunter Mode.
17. Jet Setter (Bronze) – Jump over an airplane’s wings 3 times in Airport Arena.
18. Jam Your Gears (Bronze) – Drive through 10 fruit stands in Italy Arena.
19. Island Hopper (Silver) – Use the island as a shortcut in Casino Tour.
20. Bushwacked! (Bronze) – Drive through 6 hedge sculptures in the Castle Courtyard in Hyde Tour.
21. Lights Out (Bronze) – Drive through 15 lamp posts in London Arena.
22. Share the Spotlight (Bronze) - Grab the attention of the Trimaran spotlight 3 times in a single event.
23. Disruptor Disruptor (Silver) – In Disruptor Mode, destroy the opponent’s base.
24. Tractor Tipper (Bronze) – Tip 3 tractors in a single Canyon Run, Timberline Sprint event or Radiator Springs Arena.
25. Hudson Hornet (Bronze) – Drift on a drift strip for a continuous 6 seconds in a single event.
26. Tokyo Vandal (Bronze) – Drive through 17 street signs in a single Tokyo race.
27. Runway Pancake (Bronze) – Collide 3 times with a landing aircraft in Runway Tour.
28. Trick Master (Bronze) – String together 5 tricks in a single jump.
29. Bash ‘N’ Crash (Bronze) – Side bash 100 cars.
30. Bulldozer In A China Shop (Silver) – Drive through 500 breakables.
31. Tailgater (Bronze) – Spend 5 minutes drafting cars.
32. In Your Face (Silver) – Drive backwards for 15 minutes.
33. Stunt Driver (Bronze) – Perform 150 air tricks.
34. Turbo Charged (Bronze) – Use turbo 250 times.
35. Eat My Dust (Bronze) – Get 40 perfect Quick Starts.
36. Agent – Fourth Class (Bronze) – Unlock any 10 badges or crests.
37. Agent – Third Class (Bronze) – Unlock any 20 badges or crests.
38. Agent – Second Class (Silver) – Unlock any 30 badges or crests.
39. Agent – First Class (Silver) – Unlock any 40 badges or crests.
40. Leader of the Track (Gold) – Get a gold trophy in all of the C.H.R.O.M.E. Hunter Missions.
41. Lock ‘N’ Load (Bronze) – Collect and use each type of weapon.
42. License Expired! (Bronze) – Destroy 250 Lemons in Attack Mode.
43. Dead Eye (Bronze) – Hit the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival Mode.
44. Special Delivery (Bronze) – Deliver the Disruptor 35 times in Disruptor Mode.
45. Disruptor Interruptor (Bronze) – Knock the disruptor out of 30 opponents’ grasps in Disruptor Mode.
46. Road Trip (Bronze) – Drive 250 kilometers.
47. Bumper Car (Bronze) – Take out 50 opponents in Arena Mode.
48. International Car of Mystery (Silver) – Get a bronze trophy or better in every C.H.R.O.M.E. mission.
49. Frequent Flyer (Bronze) – Spend 20 minutes in the air.
50. Master Tracker (Gold) – Collect 20 Spy Point Pick- ups.

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