Cars Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything


Car On Fire


Race As Tractor

Enter FRANKSB as a code.

Race As Mia & Tia

Enter MCQNL94 as a code.

Get 5,000 Bonus Points

In Story Mode, hit Circle, R1, Square, L2, Triangle, R2, L1.

Race As Monster Truck

Enter MONAR02 as a code.

Unlimited Boost


All Cars

Go to cheats menu on Disney Pixar Cars and type YAYCARS to unlock all cars.

All Art



Select cheat codes from the options and enter WATCHIT

Race As Monster Truck V2

Enter GOOGLER as a code.

Race As Woody & Wagon

Enter PIXARFY as a code.

Race As Sarge

Enter BOOTCMP as a code.

Race As Luigi

Enter CASEDEL as a code.

Faster Accel

Enter 'IMSPEED' As A Cheat

Unlock Unlimited Boost

Type in VROOOM

Unlock Unlimited Boost

Enter Vroom in cheat code screen and get unlimited boost

Unlock Mater's Speedy Circut & Countdown Cleanup

Enter TRGTEXC in the options menu.

Unlock All Arcade Games

Enter Mattl66 at the cheat screen.

Unlock All Paint Jobs

Go to the cheats screen and type in R4MONE

Cars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Power Slide

When you are doing the power slide race, instead of sliding, tilt Lightning McQueen up on one side. This is much easier than power sliding. (note: this will make you move slow)

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