Cars Cheats & Codes

Car On Fire


Unlock All Arcade Games

To unlock all arcade games enter MATTL66 in options menu.

Infinite Boost

Enter VROOOOM as a code.

All Character Skins

Enter R4MONE as a code.

All Modes And Mini Games

Enter IF900HP as a code.

Get Art

Enter CONS3PT as a code.

All Cars

Enter YAYCARS as code

Unlock All Movies

Enter WATCHIT as code

Mater's Speedy Circuit and Mater's Countdown Cleanup

Unlock Mater's Speedy Circuit and Mater's Countdown Cleanup by entering TRGTEXC in the options menu.

Super Speed

Enter Imspeed as a code.

Cars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Lightning Bolt

The first stripe (near the fire house) of the new road is actually a lightning bolt.

Lost In The Desert?

Whenever you are lost in the desert, just follow one of the main characters.

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