Catz Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Make Your Cat Mad

If you have a ball or toy, throw it at your cat. It will meow loud and get either mad or scared.

Make Your Kitty Picture Pretty

If you want to make your cat cute for his/her picture just go to the Accessory Store, by clicking the cell phone icon in the top left corner of your touch screen, then click the shopping cart, after that click the paw print, and finally last but not least click the bow. Now you have a variety of things to choose from but make sure you buy either a collar, bow, a hat, or shoes not a bed, litter box, or something like that, those cannot be put in your picture. Now go home by clicking the X at the bottom right of your touch screen, then press the chest box icon at the top of your touch screen, now double tap the bow icon, and Last choose one ONLY ONE accessory to put on your cat, you CANNOT put two accessories on your cat at once, then go back to your normal screen, press Y, then press R and take your picture! WARNING: You MUST go into Cuddle Mode and take the picture because if you take a far away picture then when you take your accessory off your cat, it WILL NOT appear in the picture!


You can select your camera by pressing the R button, then you can take pictures! Only 10 though. If you want to take a close up picture of your cat, go into cuddle mode by pressing the Y button then press the R button to select your camera to take a close up picture.

Get New Items

When you buy an item from the store, the store gets new items in stock and will alert you by calling you.

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