Championship Manager 2000/2001 Cheats & Codes

Infinite Money

Enter "JIMMY RULES" as a name.

Championship Manager 2000/2001 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Transfer

When theres a player you want add manager to that club and release player. When the board comfirms his free, retire. Go back to your club and search for him. He will be there with no club sign him and save his transfer fee.

Start Game With An Elite Team

This will only work if you have editor along with the game. Load it up and go on the menu on the top and click edit go on clubs when it loads dont click or anything just type the name of your team and when that loads click squad and you can add delete players and you can contract them till the year you want and with no wage.

Start As England Manager

At the start of a new game, click on any English club. Then, click on any English player. Click on the players nationality (English). The England team will appear. Select "Take Control". You will then be the manager of England.

Champion Team

Choose a team to manage but do not select "Take Control". Instead, select "Tactics". The game will respond that no tactics are available. Type "champions", then select "Take Control". Your team will now have better performance.

Any One In English League

Play as the team with the player you want, then give him a week fine 3 times. He should be angry with you and want to leave put a cheap price on him so you don't have to pay the full price. Procede normaly and you will get the player.

No Players

Choose a team, add a manager, and free transfer all the players then click retire, leaving them with no players.

Easy Wins

The day before your macth take's place, Take control of the other team your going to play and screw up all there places. For example put a striker in goal a goalie in striker place. If they score take there goalie away.