Championship Manager 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Free Players

First you will have to create a new manager for the team that you want a player from, then click the player you want with the new manager and put its price to 0 then with the manager that you have before, go back to the player you wanted and make a offer of 0, go back to the manager which you just created and accept the offer, you will now have to offer it a contract if the player accepts your contract then you will get him for free.

Free Transfers

Play as Cardiff City and get promoted. In the first division, there are many players on a free transfer: Leonardo, Savio, and others. There is also a goalkeeper at Soi Plate who is class.

Buy Any Player For Free

First, you have to get his club to accept your bid. To achieve this, either make a very high bid (many times his market value) that the club cannot reject; or make an inquiry and accept the club's demands in return. When his club allows you to negotiate his contract, click to offer him a contract. While in the contract screen, click "News" on the left toolbar option (do not click the back arrow). Click on that player's name and withdraw your bid. Re-bid for free or whatever amount you wish. Click the back arrow on the left toolbar, this time back to the screen where you are discussing his contract details. Offer him a reasonable contract. When he accepts your contract, he will join your club on a free transfer (or the amount that you re- bid for).