Championship Manager 99/00 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Money

Go Arsenal, buy Robert Pires for 17.5M. After getting him, go to find player, type "Pires", and Robert Pires with a different club and only worth 75,000 will appear. Buy him and Man Utd will place a bid for the more expensive Robert Pires at a price of 23M. Accept and Pires will go to Man Utd, but leave you with a profit and the other Pires.

Guaranteed Win

Check your fixtures and add the manager of the team that you play next. Enter their tactics and put every player on the wings (including keeper). You should score at least 30 goals.

Free Player

Make a bid for the player with a cash price, and no exchanges or money after appearances. Once the bid is accepted, click on the player's name at the contract stage. Then, go to transfers, click on your bid, and withdraw it. Immediately make a fresh bid for 0 and offer it. Then, press "Back" to return to the contract stage. Offer a contract as normal and if the player accepts it, you will get him at no cost. For example, to get Ronaldo free add manager as Inter Milan. Release Ronaldo on a free transfer and retire from the club before they cancel the transfer. Go another club and sign him for free.