Chase The Express Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Multiple endings

Your actions will affect the ending (or route) you take throughout the game. 
There are a total of seven different possible endings, with one being the grand 
ending. The best ending you can achieve is Scenario A Paris, France.

Get Scenario A

In Car 2, diffuse the three bombs using your microfilm picture files. After this 
is done, go back towards the beginning of Car 2 and climb the ladder. Go through 
the next door, across the heater bridge, kill the guard, and you should be at 
another ladder -- this is Car 1. Use the save box at the beginning of Car 1. You 
will then pick up the assault rifle, grenade launcher add-on, and grenade ammo 
(you need to make space to get this items -- dispose of your guns, but keep the 
cigarette case, life kits, and the disc). Go up the stairs and a control panel 
will appear. Read the memo in the control panel. Go to the left side of the 
control panel and turn the switch to detach Car 1 from the rest (this must be 
done to achieve Scenario A). Combine your rifle and grenade add-on to form a 
grenade launcher and head outside. There is a bomb in the front of the car. 
Memorize your cigarette case poem and diffuse the bomb. Mason will cut you off in 
his helicopter. Pull out your grenade launcher and shoot him until he is defeated.

Special Level

Achieve Scenario A Paris, France on the rookie, normal, or expert difficulty settings. The special level game features infinite ammunition.