Chibi-Robo Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


Line up the toy blocks in jenny's room with the matching symbols on the box to get happy points.

Ghost Costume

Once you have the Trauma Suit use the trauma suits pose with the z button and let chibi lay there. You will then end up in the chibi-house wearing the ghost costume.

Trauma Suit

Totally run out battery. Once you wake up in the chibi-house with the trauma suit.

Unlimited Battery

Assemble all the Giga robo parts.

Invisible Blue Chibi Doors

(You have to have the charge chip & the radar is really helpful) Whenever you find a blue chibi door (you can only see it if you shoot it with the chibi blaster) use a charged shot to reveal a chibi door.

Earn Happy Points With Oil

Spray a utilibot with oil to get 10 happy points. However, if you spray it again the same day you'll only get 1 happy point.

Chibi-Blaster Effect

Shoot any toy with the Chibi-Blaster and they do something cool (some characters don't do anything)!
Plankbeard: Mustache spins
Peekoe: eyebrows grow
Funky Phil: Hands Grow
Sophie: Nothing
Dinah:Teeth Pop Out
Free Rangers: Fall Over
Drake Red-Crest:Nothing