CIMA: The Enemy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Fighting The Boss

When you enter the boss level, the builder cima that made the dungeon will take shape of a human (some may not look very human)and talk to you a little bit. When you are about to start battle,the human shaped builder cima will disappear, and takes form of a monster cima. The cima is very challengy, so you may not win your first time battling it. On your first time battling it, or whichever many times you tried, try to avoid the cima,and learn its patterns.

Keys To Boss Rooms

Make sure you look around the level to make sure you didn't miss any items because one of those items are a boss key. You will need the boss key to enter the boss room. When you approach a big door, that is the boss level,so if you can't get through the door, you don't have the boss key.

Getting The Peoples Trust

When you have rescued one of the 14 pioneers from a dungeon, they don't trust you that much, but later, they will grow to trust you more. To get their trust, try to get a cima close to them, then kill the cima. A green heart and an arrow pointing up might appear above their head,meaning they gained trust. A red heart and an arrow pointing down means they lost trust. Some of them are very untrusting, such as Vanrose and Doug. But Doug is more hard to get trust from because his trust is -100 not 100.