CityVille Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Get Cityville Money

If you have cityville dollars save one then the next day you get a free cityville dolar!

Unlimited Gifts

Here is how you can get unlimited gifts on cityville. First go out and start as many facebook accounts as you choose. Then you go on those accounts and start a cityville. When you do that send gifts from those accounts to your account and recieve gifts.

How To Finish The Community Building Quickly

Hire friends that Super favorite Cityville then they _accept_ it quickly!


If you find that you are running out of space for things. Place bigger housing which allows you to accommodate a bigger population and eliminate the housing that only allows the least amount of people. Which means more room for businesses, etc. Please feel free to comment on if this helps you out at all.

Need More Coins

If your running out of coins or would like more, then just visit your neighbors and click on houses and buildings with coins above them an you'll get coins.

Helping Hand

If you need more space to place houses in order to build more just have a big enough space and goto the build menu and buy and build a neighborhood and when you have enough money buy more spaces so you can have more room for whatever your craving to build?

For Getting Goods

To getting goods go to the Train platform and send the train for getting goods.