Clash of Clans Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Plan Your Town Layout

There's a solid success rule to limiting damages - WALLS, WALLS, WALLS. You shouldn't have any weak spots in your village defence. You should have many layers of walls that attackers will need to get through. You should also place all your building together in a defendable position, so your cannons and other defences can protect them all. You want maximum coverage.

Don't Play Defense Only

You should always be on the attack. If you spend your time defending, you're never going to advance as quickly as if you spend your resources on attacking and gaining. It's a game, so take a little risk and ATTACK! However, if your shields are up after an attack, make use of that time - build armies, rebuild your city, that kind of thing.

Spend Gems Wisely

You get lots of chances to spend your gems on a variety of features. Be careful what you use them for, because they have real value. Don't waste them on simple things like getting more time. Use them to advance or get permanent benefits.