Comanche Gold Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

During a mission, press R to use the radio, then enter one of the following case- sensitive codes. Note: Enabling any cheat code will result in a zero score for the mission.


imarat			Invisibility
loadme			Full ammo
pigsoink			Overload weapons
harmony			GPS Hellfire
imacow			Stop time
fixme			Remove damage
x666 or die team mate!		Kill teammate
6969 or cheat=mercenary	Enemies kill each other

Comanche Gold Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Extra Griffon 2-7 Teammates

You can have more than one teammate, (which is cheating, I think !) When I created them, they both (I've only tried creating two) answer to the same name, and simultaneously follow your orders! Just use the mission editor to create a new mission or alter one of your old missions. When you create Griffon 2-7 and place his chopper on the map, just repeat the process you used to create the first one. Just be careful that they don't run into you when they try to resume their position next to you, they aren't the best pilots.

Flying With Team Mate

When flying with team mate Griffon 2-7 try to stay ahead of him and keep him under your command. (press "m" to get a list of commands) He will go after the first enemy that he sees, and get killed. He can only take out one or two of the enemy at a time. Order him to "follow with weapons hold", if you see the enemy before he does, make him "hold position". He will also crash into you sometimes. Order him to "hold position" while you scout ahead, or have him "scout ahead" while you cover him.

How To Fly Like The Best

This is very simple and very helpfull, when attacking and enemy Keep as low to the ground as possible. While doing this swerve from side to side to give you an advantage if your fired apon. Also don't make the shot until perfetly lined up, on some mission's you can't afford to miss.