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Get Free NOD Shadow Squads

[Left], [Right], [Up], [Up], [Up], [Down], [RB], [LB], [LB], [B]: Get free NOD shadow squads

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NOD Gun Pods Tutorial

1 . The key with the NOD guns is that the node is vulnerable if exposed. So place the nodes behind walls, in blast holes, or buildings. This will cover the node and will keep you guns running hot. 2 . Create a nest of multiple gun kinds in separate pods. This is so if the grenades show up, shreaders, if tanks, lasers, if fire hawks, missiles. 3 . If possible, place the nodes on a high vantage point. This makes that it is very difficult to hit the nodes with anything less than air craft, nothing an AA gun can't fix, boom stale mate. This falls short with Juggernaughts and snipers in the case of artillery, orbital bombardment, or beam cannons.

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