Company of Heroes Cheats & Codes

Cheat Code Console

During game play, bring up the console (ctrl-shift-~) and enter any of the following codes:
FOW_Toggle	Toggle Fog of War ON/OFF
ee_bigheadmode(1)	Big Head Mode ON
ee_bigheadmode(0)	Big Head Mode OFF
taskbar_hide	Hide Taskbar
taskbar_show	Show Taskbar
statgraph()	Enable Statgraph
statgraph_channel("fps")	Show FPS (statgraph must be enabled)
setsimrate(#)	Set Game Speed (#=speed, 10=normal)
FOW_RevealAll	   Remove Fog

Company of Heroes Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Hummels/Hetzers

*Note: You or a teammate must have the expansion for the Panzer Elite and British armies.
-Bergitiger Repair and Recovery tank
-Vampire Halftrack
-Lots of Munitions (for making goliaths)

1. Call in all 3 Hummels/Hetzers
-Make sure your population capacity is large enough to support the requirements and at least 1 Hummel/Hetzer

2. Use the defualt group movement to line up the 3 Hummels/Hetzers
-Make sure that you have plenty of maneuvering space and that each Hummel is roughly the same distance from the next

3. Use the Vampire Halftrack to build 12 goliaths ( this equates to 9 dead Hummels/Hetzers )
-make sure you are in a combat distant zone. You don't want a random rocket or tank shell to kill the goliaths or a tank to run over all the bodies of your dead Hummels/Hetzers.

4. Park 2 goliaths between the first pair of Hummels/Hetzers
-Make sure that the goliaths are close together and detonate at the same time

5. Park 2 more goliaths on the outside of the last Hummel/Hetzer
-Make sure that the goliath's explosion isn't going to damage the the dead Hummel/Hetzer chasis

6. Call in next set of Hummels/Hetzers and repeat steps 2, 4, and 5
-Spacing out the lines is key to keeping all of the chasis intact

7. Call in last set of Hummels/Hetzers and repeat steps 2, 4, and 5
-Spacing out the lines is key to keeping all of the chasis intact

8. Call in the final set of Hummels/Hetzers and begin reviving and repairing the dead Hummels/Hetzers with the Bergitiger
-You will NOT destroy this set of Hummels/Hetzers!

9. Once your Hummels are all revived and repaired, select them all and move them to the best firing position

10. Once in firing position, lock-down for rapid firing long range artillery fire.
-Without a good graphics card, you will lag terribly if you watch the simultaneous explosions

Side Notes:
-This works with Hummels, Hetzers, and any German vehicle as long as a Panzer Elite player is present.
-This does NOT work well on the Blitzkrieg Mod.
-This does NOT work with the King Tiger or Jagdpanther because you can only call in 1 of them for the entire match.
-This will max out your population capacity.
-This was originated by a few Company of Heroes players but was documented by AgentKill.
-This has been tested on Achelous River and Lyon
. -Offensive Veterancy should be used on the Hummels. Defensive Veterancy won't be beneficial to the Hummels because they are outside of the combat.
-This was tested with 9 Hummels and the result was ( on the lowest graphic settings ) nothing more than a nuclear wasteland. It appeared as though a miniature nuke had gone off.
-This is very expensive and time consuming. I recommend doing this trick/exploit near the off-map deployment area.
-The artillery from the Hummels is super effective against structures, infantry, and defensive positions.
-The artillery is moderately to very effective against armored units.
-This trick was tested with the Tiger "205" on Lyon (4). It takes 4 goliaths on every side of the Tiger to kill it. All MUST detonate at the same time.
-When 2 goliaths explode on the same area, it creates a heavy cover and causes vehicles to move slower.

Fake Hedgerow Tank Blockade

X=tank trap

Place the above items in the pattern below. 

*Note: Some areas of the tank traps are spread apart far enough for armor to get through.
This blockade/roadblock can stop infantry and most vehicles.
*Note: Panthers, Tigers, King Tigers, Jagdpanthers, Pershings, and Churchills are the only vehicles that can defaultly smash through this blockade. Any tanks or vehicles using Blitzkrieg Assault can also smash through this barrier.