Cooking Mama Cheats & Codes

More Time

Press A, R, A, B, Right during gameplay.

Cooking Mama Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Very Good

To get a very good on instant ramen, fill the cup up to the fifth spot.

New Recipies

When you cook recipes, sometimes the game will allow you to switch recipes. When you get this chance, try it out. If the name of the recipe is blue, you haven't unlocked it. If its orange, you already have it.

Instant Ramen

On the instant ramen recipe, even if you get a good, you'll still fail. You have to fill the cup up all the way to the top, without letting it spill, to get a very good.

Cooking Mama Unlockables & Awards

Fried Rice

Once you unlock the fried rice recipe, partway through making it (not practicing) you'll get the option to make more. If you don't do all of these extra recipes, you won't have them all.