Corvette Cheats & Codes

All Bonuses

Hold L+R and press up left down right left right left right.

Unlock Everything

Change name to "xopensez" and you will get everything unlocked.

Unlock All Cars And Courses

At the Main Menu, select Options, and on the Game Options screen, select Change Name, and enter XOPENSEZ (case-sensitive) as your player name. If you entered the code correctly, all cars and courses will be available.

Unlock Everything

To unlock everything type "igiveup" as your name.

Corvette Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Way Of Losing Cops

Go to quick race, go all the way down to the final racetrack you can go to, make it so your the only racer, then put laps on 5. For your corvette go to the one below C-5 and go to the 2001 Corvette Z06. This Z06 easily blows by the 2001 Corvette cop car.

Circuit Endurance Mode

Win all the C4 career mode races to unlock this race mode.

Hot Lap Challenge Mode

Win all the C2 career mode races to unlock this race mode.

Route 66 Checkpoint Mode

Win all C5 career mode races to unlock this race mode.

Custom Corvette Mode

To get custom corvette mode, you have to win all the races in C3 career mode.

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