Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Cheats & Codes

All Levels

Click new game, put in Wombat for the name, and all levels will be unlocked.

Unlimited Lives

When you die click the start button, then high- light the word Warp Room and press A.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Radar On First Boss

When you are fighting this guy, lookin the upper- right hand corner to see a radar. Bet you never noticed that! The blue dots are rocks you've touched, the red dots are rocks the boss has touched, gray dots are neutral rocks, you are the green dot, and the boss is the yellow dot.

Unlimited Lives

When you die press the start button and click Warp Room.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Collect all 46 gems to view an alternate ending sequence.

Defeating Crunch Time

Every time freezeballs, beams, or fire comes out, jump over the fence into the inside platform. They cannot touch you there, but fireballs will land everywhere -- just watch for their shadows. There is a series of elements you have to avoid. Then shoot Crunch with the bazooka and spin Cortex. The series is: fireballs, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, freezeballs, fireballs, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, fire, fireballs, freezeballs, fire, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex, beams, fireballs, fire, beams, freezballs, fireballs, beams, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex. If you win, you will unlock five secret levels for which you must collect a certain amount of relics in order to open the doors.

Defeating Py-Ro

Hold B to charge the water cannon or you will never hit.

Defeating Lo-Lo

Watch where the mask floats and shoot there.

Defeating Ro-Ko

Roll around the side of the area without going in the center. Every rock will come near you, and Crunch will mostly miss you.

Defeating Wa Wa

When you are facing Wa Wa, crunch will shoot things at you. He will fire blue beams that you should jump over. When he fires green things, duck. Hop from one panel to another. When you reach Crunch quickly spin. Watch out -- the panels will sink. Try to get a head start on each run. Once Crunch jumps back at the beginning, run. When you spin him the next two times, do not stop running.

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